Dr. David R. Hannaford, DPM

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San Rafael, CA


Dr. David R. Hannaford, DPM

Dr. David Hannaford provides treatment for runners ranging in skill from beginner to Olympic level. He has been the Sports Podiatrist for most of the charitable fund raising marathon and triathlon programs in the San Francisco area since their beginning. Most of the participants in these programs are beginners, and most beginners do not run correctly. They have problems with soreness and injury that could be prevented by focusing on their form from the onset.

As a Sports Podiatrist specializing in running injuries and practicing for 27 years, combined with having been a runner himself for over 35 years, Dr. Hannaford strongly believes proper running form can prevent injuries. Dr. Hannaford video tapes every running patient and prescribes shoe inserts, provides specific shoe recommendations, and reviews the video to teach patients to correct their running form. Running is a repetitive motion of thousands of foot-strikes each run. Excessive motion or impact can gradually accumulate and produce an injury. The motion which causes these injuries can be surprisingly small.

Dr. Hannaford has run hundreds of races including more than 60 ultramarathons. He first met Danny Dreyer as a member of the same ultramarathon running club. Dr. Hannaford admired Danny’s great running form and ability to finish long races with the leaders despite low mileage training. Dr. Hannaford noticed that, when Danny began teaching his techniques to some of Dr. Hannaford’s patients, there was an immediate improvement in their running form.

Dr. Hannaford has observed that once a patient learns the ChiRunning and ChiWalking method, they often require fewer corrected shoe inserts and lighter shoes. When beginners are taught correctly, they are able to reduce many of the aches and pains that stop others from progressing. Shin pain, diffuse knee pain, calf pain and hip soreness are compounded by the perpetuation of poor running form. Dr. Hannaford has found ChiRunning and ChiWalking to be a method of teaching running form that includes all the important elements that contribute to preventing injuries.