The Columbian Police - Chi Running

The Columbian Police

January 17th, 2006

I just returned from a week with the Colombian Police locating and
destroying cocaine labs.  These labs are hidden deep in the jungle ravines.
The typical operation begins with a helicopter landing on a mountain
ridgeline, followed by a steep descent to the lab. The lab is destroyed,
and then the fun part begins with the ascent back up to the helicopter
landing zone.   Some of these ascents can take longer than an hour. The men carry 40 lbs of gear.
I applied your same principles to my "life" this week. I did not muscle my way up the hills, rather I Chi'd my way up.   I concentrated on the principles and focuses, not on the daunting task at
hand.   Result: the easiest week I have had since I started the job. Every morning I bounced out of bed ready to go, as if I had done nothing the day prior---unlike the 65 other people I was with.
After the second day, I shared your discoveries with my partner, and as you might expect, he had the same results.   I plan to pass these points on to the Colombian Police.
You probably should write another book for Mt Everest Expeditions.

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A Chi Running Love Letter

You may not remember me from your workshop in Austin. I was the older woman who struggled behind everyone else and spent much of the afternoon weeping.

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