Thankful for a Chi Instructor's Guidance and Expertise - Chi Running

Thankful for a Chi Instructor’s Guidance and Expertise

December 14th, 2010

Thankful for a Chi Instructor’s Guidance and Expertise

I just wanted to let you know that I had an instruction from a Chi-trained instructor and can happily proclaim "I get it" and it is great! I just e-mailed the young woman who instructed me a thank you, as she is responsible in ONE lesson for getting me on the right course.  She was patient and watchful and keen enough to notice little nuances that needed tweaking, particularly in my form, which has led to a nice, efficient running form (no more thinking about it the entire time I'm running and analyzing...everything--it now feels right, thanks to Theresa.)  Honestly, just the few tweaks to my posture and her guidance on foot landing and I'm running better than ever.  Each time out I've gotten better and I'm feeling very comfortable with the technique.  Theresa was wonderful--I will (and have) recommended her to other runners and will continue to.  A lot of people think it unusual to take a lesson in running, but it's not!
Thanks so much, and Happy Holidays!

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A Chi Running Love Letter

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