Regaining my Ability to Run, Thanks to Danny Dreyer and Chi Running

February 9th, 2012

Regaining my Ability to Run, Thanks to Danny Dreyer and Chi Running

Thank you Danny for your excellent C-spine detailed explanation article. I have been recovering slowly over the past 5 years from a near-fatal car accident. Complete recovery had eluded me because of an anterior rotation of my pelvis and Sacroiliac dysfunction. I would be adjusted by an osteopath, physio,and numerous chiropractor's only to loose that correction almost before leaving the office! I lost my ability to run and often dragged a functionally longer leg because of this malalignment syndrome. Thanks to reading this wonderful article late last year I'm now able to realign myself instantly whenever I feel a shift is occurring. This correction really works and I know it could help many people out there who aren't necessarily Chi walkers or runners. Now that I can hold a neutral spine I will begin my journey back to competitive running and my goal is to do this the Chi Running way using your book and DVD to help me along the way. I pass along as much information as I can on this to my running friends.You really have given me back something that I love and thanks to you,  now I can do it mindfully.


Sue B.


Resources to help you master the Chi Running basics:

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