Recovering from Ankle Pain and Racing with Chi Running UPDATE!

December 28th, 2011

Recovering from Ankle Pain and Racing with Chi Running UPDATE!


The one thing I love, both me and my running partner, is the whole concept of Chi Running. We are not the crazy running people who are about the FINISH. We just love to run. With the Chi Running principles, we have so enjoyed running. We ran our first 10K last year, trained with the Chi Running principles and we were injury free. We are so hooked, we went to two clinics and each time we learn something new.

This ankle, ironically, had nothing to do with running. I think I actually was able to train for four months without really noticing the ankle to the degree that i would have if it weren't for Chi Running. But, I am glad that Ryan (the instructor) noticed something with my ankle when he was talking with us about the right sneakers. He asked that I run across the room without sneakers and noticed I was not landing on my left mid foot. Why? Cuz' it hurt and my body adjusted. I scheduled an appointment with a doctor immediately. I could not get into the doctor for a few weeks. The Sunday before the doctor's appointment on our 2 hour run, I just stopped at the one hour mark, stopped, My body felt broken. Now, I feel great.

We are just going to see how these next few weeks go.

Thank you again for your thoughtful advice.


Lynn G.


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