Placed 2nd in 5.5K Race with Chi Running - Chi Running

Placed 2nd in 5.5K Race with Chi Running

May 5th, 2011

Placed 2nd in 5.5K Race with Chi Running

Hi Danny,

I am from Thailand. I am a 38 year old running newbie (I've been running for 1.5 years). After studying your book and DVD the last 6 months, I can run 1K in 5 minutes and can run to my max at 13K with less pain compared to last year. I am so happy with my achievement.

I would really like to say a big thank to you. On May 5, 2011, I joined the first running event in my life and I won 2nd place in the small short course 5.5K charity run (arranged by Dusit Princess Hotel and Ricoh Thailand). There were about 300-400 runners who joined.

I can achieve my new low record at 5.5K in 23:30 (still high if compared to a pro runner, I know). It is the first time in my life I won a trophy, even it was silver, and I'm so happy with it indeed.

After 6 months of gradually training myself, I am still working on pelvic rotation. I think it is one of the more difficult parts of the technique to master.

Thanks again, never thought I could win a trophy in my middle age.

Tee P., Thailand

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