Painful 10k to pain-free marathon!

October 14th, 2009

First let me say that I came upon ChiRunning by a friend on Facebook as we are both running the Marine Corps Marathon on 10/25/09. Fathers day 2009 I ran a 10K, developed pain in the left knee but kept on running. When approaching the finish line I was going to get a personal best so I ran harder. the result of the race was I wound up in the hospital and was diagnosed with a bone bruise. My first thought was the marathon would be out of reach. After posting the issue on Facebook someone told me about ChiRunning. i went out bought the book and read it twice while healing. When I was able to run again I laced up my shoes and started practicing what I learned. Figured out that I needed to get some new shoes since my old ones were broke in for my old style. With just over a week away from the marathon I am ready to run it and look to finish it with a pace between 9-10 min per mile. Without changing to ChiRunning I do not think I would be running in the upcoming marathon. Thanks for your wonderful book and I am looking at increasing my knowledge and train the local high school team how to implement the style to enhance their team.

- Brian L.

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