Nine minutes faster, eight years later with Chi Running - Chi Running

Nine minutes faster, eight years later with Chi Running

December 3rd, 2010

Nine minutes faster, eight years later with Chi Running

Thanks to Chi Running, I love running again. I started running late in 2000 and after 11 months ran my first marathon.  It hurt, but I finished.  After another year of training I finished my second marathon in 4:22. I continued running until developing plantar fasciitis in 2003. This led to months of limping which led to lots of back pain.  During the 2 1/2 years I had run, my training had been interrupted several times by tendonitis in my feet. Over the next 6+ years I was never able to get going on a training program without problems with either my feet or back.

I starting running again 1/1/2010. A few weeks later I read Chi Running and watched the DVD. I was able to run consistently 3 days a week. I did have shin splints in the beginning, but I had gone from the couch to 20 miles per week almost overnight, so I expected some discomfort. As soon as I began incorporating the Chi Running techniques, I was running faster with seemingly less effort. I increased my mileage and felt no muscle soreness even after long runs.

Last week I ran the Florence Marathon in Italy. On a cold rainy day, 2 weeks short of my 44th birthday, with just 11 months of training, I ran 4:13. Nine minutes faster than I had run as a 35 year old when I had been training twice as long.

Thank you Chi Running!


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