Moving Past Injuries, Chi Running the Disney Marathon

January 25th, 2012

Moving Past Injuries, Chi Running the Disney Marathon

I want to thank Danny and Chi Running for playing a huge role in enabling me to train for and complete the Disney marathon, using Chi Running methods - and to enjoy the entire process and do it INJURY FREE!

I have been plagued by knee and plantar fascia problems that have limited my running, but the use of the Chi Running approach to improve my running form allowed me to begin to extend my runs and get my mileage up without any pain. I completed the marathon (I had done one other marathon 23 years ago and nearly destroyed my knees) in my goal time and enjoyed the run. Towards the end of the race-I was passing so many people who I'm sure had passed me earlier during a walk break. I did the second half of the race (which was much hotter) in 2 minutes LESS than the first half, and I felt strong throughout.

Thank you for what you do-it really makes a difference and I am so happy I heard about your approach and adopted it-it made all the difference.

Be well,
Bruce F.



  • marathon racing,
  • chirunning,
  • danny dreyer
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