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Long-time Runner Has Chi Running Epiphany

October 25th, 2010

I attended the four-day workshop help at Kripalu in Lenox, MA on Oct. 21-24, 2010. I am a 61 year old MD with 30+ years of running including over 30 marathons all over the world in places such as Berlin, China's Great Wall, Kenya in a game park, New Zealand on 1-1-10, NYC, multiple Bostons, Antarctica, Marine Corps and a few ultras including Badwater twice as the sole crew member. I have also participated in over 40 triathlons including one half Ironman. I have also been in Hood to Coast and Reach the Beach twice. Despite this background, I have had back problems for a few years, curtailing my activity. Thus, I thought I would "try" Chi Running.

This course is FANTASTIC. It is as valuable for runners and non-runners. Yes, it is about running but Danny takes you way beyond running. He is gracious and very articulate. I learned more about running in 3 days with Danny than I had in 30 years of running and reading things like Runners World. It was truly an epiphany, a life-altering experience. Danny is amazing!!!! He is truly one of the most amazing and interesting men I have ever met in my life. Watching him move is like trying to watch the wind. I can hardly wait to take my wife. Take this course (Chi Week) but please wait until my wife (a dedicated non-runner) and I have signed up first.

Don H. MD


ChiRunning began to enrich my life on July 3, 2010 when I read the first 100 pages of the book and went for a run, and just focusing on ankle lift made a difference! My running life continues to transform and create joy! I smile when I run and love every minute. I am thrilled and grateful to be part of this ChiRunning community. Thank you for the opportunity to pursue becoming an Instructor.