From Dr. William Mullins - Chi Running

From Dr. William Mullins

September 21st, 2007

ChiWalking is a walking technique that places much less stress than
conventional walking on the joints and supporting structures in the
legs and back. I have recommended the technique to many patients who
suffer from arthritis in the legs and/or back, but would like to
continue to walk regularly for exercise. Using ChiWalking, my
arthritis patients are able to walk farther, more frequently, and
with less discomfort, than they were able to previously. In turn,
their ability to do more exercise improves the strength in the legs
and back, and helps retard further progression of the arthritis.

One patient with severe, advanced bilateral knee osteoarthritis
recently incorporated the ChiWalking technique not only for exercise
walking, but for all his walking all day, every day. His knee pain
has improved well beyond what we ever expected or hoped for, and at
least for now, he has avoided the need for knee replacement surgery.
He sends his heartfelt thanks to Danny Dreyer!

Dr. William Mullins, MD at Center for Rheumatic Diseases and Osteoporosis, P.A. Bethesda, Maryland

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