Eternally Grateful to Chi Running - Chi Running

Eternally Grateful to Chi Running

November 19th, 2010

I have been running in Brooks Glycerin, a good neutral shoe, but about 2 years ago I got a terrible bone spur on my right heel. I tried everything to get rid of it (shock wave therapy, Electro-therapy, magnetic, acupuncture, Cortizone injections, stretching, Strassbourg sock at night, herbs, diet name it, I did it). Finally after many trial and error episodes, I found a foot specialist here in Germany in August (the 2 year mark of my problem) that injected it with Cortizone and for now it is gone. I had tried the Cortizone before but with another doctor and it didn't help. Now I'm just glad it's gone.

In the US this summer on a visit home, I discovered the Chi Running book and it has now become my "Bible for running". After two years of not running, I am back on the path and Chi Running has helped me tremendously. I ordered the book, the audio, the DVD, even the t-shirt grin I have a friend here that is into barefoot technology, but it is not Chi Running.

You have already helped me so much just getting back on the road and for that I am eternally grateful. grin Maybe someday I too can become an Instructor.


Paula B., Germany

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