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Compelled to Write…and Run!

April 11th, 2010


I'm so excited that I'm compelled to write!  I lost 65 pounds last year and I've spent the year doing step aerobics, weightlifting and various dance/excercise classes, some pilates, some yoga, etc.  I am now officially hooked on exercise and healthy eating. I was looking for a new goal so I decided to give running a try.  At about that same time Stacey Nordtvedt offered a full day ChiRunning course/clinic in my neighborhood so I decided to sign up.  The objective there was to see if I could avoid learning bad habits and the injury free tag line really appealed to me at age 54!  I don't ever want to slow down now for an injury! Anyway, I took from various sources a multi-week run/walk program and got started ... I am about in week 11 and I ran my first 5K last Saturday.  It was blissful!  No aches, no pains... no misery that I used to associate with running  (in school - being an overweight kid).  Stacy and ChiRunning have changed my life ... I am planning 5K races once a month for the summer with my eye on the "You Go Girl" 10K in Tacoma, WA on September 26th! I am now "practicing" ChiRunning in all aspects of my life and the more I learn and do the more I love what it has done for me!

Thank you for all you do.
Connie  D.
Whidbey Island, Washington

To find out how Connie's doing now, read her inspiring follow-up story.

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