Chi Running in the U.S. Army

September 7th, 2009

I've been in the Army for a few years, and before I enlisted I had never really run outside of 9th grade gym class. I had a knee injury right after I finished the US Army's basic training. I spent a year going to specialists and doing rehab, but every time I went back to run, I'd still have pain. Six months ago a friend gave me your Chi Running book and I studied it for about a week, then I started to apply your techniques little by little, as well as I can, and I have been completely free of pain during of after a run since. Thanks for changing my life for the better!


P.S. I started training with Chi Running while I was deployed to Iraq, so no one in the U.S. should have an excuse for not finding good places to run! You just have to start somewhere.


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