Chi Running Ultras in France

November 30th, 2010

Chi Running Ultras in France

Let me introduce myself : My name is Greg and I’m from France (Orange in Provence), I’m 39 and I started practicing Chi Running alone after reading the book (3 times with my french-english dictionary on the other hand !) and after watching videos to understand and see the perfect form. I used to strengthen my body with the exercises on videos.

So, still alone, I changed my way of running gradually. I think I may not have the right technique (because of no local Certified Instructor in France !) but results are here!

Now, I run between 40-60 kilometers per week, I’m a midfoot-striker, practicing 30 minutes a week of barefoot running on a soccer field. I can’t tell you how happy I am to run with the Chi Running method. First, I had no injuries in the last 3 years I've even gradually ran longer races. Last year, I ran several 24 hours races (very popular in France), one 48 hours race (in the French Ultra Festival in Antibes 2010), ultra-trail, marathons and short races on trails and roads. Today, I feel like I’m a Chi Runner!

The best thing for me was to discover how to Focus my mind. For each race, I have a little bit of paper where focus mind are sum up. When sometimes it’s hard for me during the « long hours », I read it and immediately things get better. An other advantage of mind focusing is that give me a break in my race or training, and that make me travel outside of myself, the fact of thinking to have better sensations is half of the job for me !

If you mind, I would like to thank you for this book. It still gives me more pleasure in my runs ! Merci à vous.


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