Chi Running, An Important Part of My Running World - Chi Running

Chi Running, An Important Part of My Running World

March 7th, 2013

Chi Running, An Important Part of My Running World

Thanks for exposing your Runner's World readers to the wonders of Chi Running! It may not be for runners who are secure in their running comfort zones and shiver at the thought of taking even a peek out of their boxes; it works wonders for challenge-seeking, hardworking runners like me. I’m a 72 year old ultra-runner and have been Chi Running for about 9 years (in VivoBarefoot shoes for about 6 years).

I recently completed a 72 hour road race the Chi Running/VivoBarefoot way. For three days and nights without sleep or breaks, I completed a negative split with quarter mile pickups at mile 95 to 100. Unlike all of the others in the race (most 30-40-50 years my junior), I had no muscle fatigue, no stiffness, no soreness, no blisters, no form breakdown, no hallucinations, no visits to the medical tent, and no need for recovery immediately after or days after the race. As your article indicated, I not only floated like a butterfly but landed each stride like one as well! My butterfly and I are planning a couple of 24 hours, a 48 hour and a 6 day race before my 74th birthday next February.

Dr. B. Smith, Maryland


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I am from Thailand. I am a 38 year old running newbie (I've been running for 1.5 years). After studying your book and DVD the last 6 months, I can run 1K in 5 minutes...

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