89K in South Africa with Chi Running - Chi Running

89K in South Africa with Chi Running

October 19th, 2010

89K in South Africa with Chi Running

Have to tell you how well I am doing with Chi Running.  Bought the book 3 years ago and read it continually.  I started running 6 years ago (at age 61) after having been told that Walking would help with the arthritis.It was really hard until I read your book. Now, in spite of having two badly degenerated discs and almost no cartilage in one hip, I am still running. I am not the fasted girl at the races, but I did manage to do Comrades this year.  I ran /walked for 11 hours and 46 minutes completely pain free (89k). This was the happiest day of my life. Iam probably not even doing the Chi Running properly, but what I am doing certainly makes it a lot easier on the body.  Thank you, Danny.

Here is a pic taken during this year’s Comrades at about 4pm – had been running / walking since 5:30am.


Johannesburg. South Africa

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