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  1. Elizabeth Frost's Blog - Chi Running

    May 23, 2011 … Chi Running into Spring time with good technique. Posted by ... Running in the winter mornings: with sunlight and cold temperatures! Posted by ...
  2. Running And Racing On My Home Turf

    Mar 15, 2010 … Â Coming from winter weather in Oregon, we looked forward to a nice change from rainy skies and cool temperatures – running a Half in the [...].
  3. Search results for “minimal running shoes”

    Results 181 - 190 … One of the best all-round running shoes has gone the way of the dodo bird. ... Chi Running winter running clothing suggestions. Posted by ...
  4. Running With A Team

    Jan 11, 2010 … With the start of the New Year I’ve got back into hill running. ... Winter runningthere is no problem at all if you didn't mind getting rained on ...
  5. Blog - Chi Running

    Jan 13, 2011 … The concept of Gradual Progress, introduced in the Chi Running ... Getting Running back on Track ... Winter Running in the Snow – a few tips.
  6. Changed My Life - Chi Running

    Feb 16, 2011 … The health benefits of running are well documented. People who run just 10 miles a week are adding several years to their lives, according to ...
  7. Running into 2012

    Feb 11, 2012 … ChiWalking and ChiWalk-Running through the Ages ... Working out indoors can be a great alternative to Winter running outside, but there is ...
  8. Blog - Chi Running

    I was in the Bay Area and I think I saw it snow maybe twice in the nine years I was there. Winter running there is no problem at all if you didn't mind getting rained ...
  9. Making Running a Practice

    Jun 4, 2004 … Twice in my short marathon running career I have passed world class ... The squirrels are busy packing up for the winter and back-to-school ...
  10. App Workout #1: 1 Minute Surges - Chi Running

    Jan 21, 2014 … In this app workout you'll be running 2-minute intervals where the first ... so it doesn't matter if it's a warm spring morning or a snowy winter day.
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