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  1. Painful Calves - Chi Running

    Jan 9, 2008 … A good camera shot of your running will reveal tons of great .... Is Chi Running agreeable for runners with flat feet? ... Winter Running Plans.
  2. Treadmill and Chirunning

    Danny has short reference (negative) to treadmill running. But, this is winter, and I tend to run 2 times a week on treadmill and only once outside ...
  3. Dorsiflexion: A Big Cause of Lower Leg Injuries - Chi Running

    Aug 1, 2006 … The plantar tendon runs along the bottom of your foot, beginning at your toes. When it comes .... The Chi Guide to Winter Running and Walking.
  4. Chi Running in the Pool - Chi Running

    Feb 5, 2012 … Where do you use your Chi Running and Chi Walking focuses? ... so I have been doing quite a bit of swimming as cross training this winter.
  5. Running a “Half” in Florida – Wind Included. - Chi Running

    Mar 3, 2010 … Â Coming from winter weather in Oregon, we looked forward to a nice change from rainy skies and cool temperatures – running a Half in the [...]
  6. Does your cadence increase when you run faster? - Chi Living

    Sep 9, 2014 … A lot of people love Chi Running because we promote running more efficiently. What does that mean ... Winter Running Shoe Tricks. Posted by ...
  7. Alice Diffely's Blog - Chi Running

    Meet Mary, one of my Chi Running clients in Portland, Oregon. ... During the darker, colder winter months, I may still run 3-4 days in a typical week, but I ...
  8. From pigeon-toed to running excellence - Chi Running

    Jul 16, 2010 … However the cold temperatures of winter did make my feet ache terribly. ... persisted and found that I not only loved running, but was good at it.
  9. How do Chi Running and Chi Walking use the principles of T'ai Chi …

    Mar 28, 2008 … ... of t'ai chi with running and walking, and how that can improve your [. ... workout class..i was running in the arizona desert in the winter (just a ...
  10. A Few Thoughts on Falling While Chi Running - Chi Running

    Mar 16, 2011 … As the Chi Running book recommends, ... During the darker, colder wintermonths, I may still run 3-4 days in a typical week, but I decrease my ...
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