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  1. Minimalist Shoes, Barefoot Running, and Metatarsal Stress Fractures

    4 Aug 2011 …Running barefoot will strengthen the intrinsic muscles of your feet, making ... you comfortable and make winter workouts much more enjoyable.
  2. Chi Marathon: Higher Education for Runners in Seven Simple Steps …

    21 Mar 2012 … Endurance running is a challenging way to reach physical and mental ... Runningin the winter mornings: with sunlight and cold temperatures!
  3. Plugging Into Running With the One Legged Posture Stance - Chi …

    27 Jan 2011 … Lately, in my runs, I have been focusing on the One Legged Posture ... Despite the cold weather, I think winter is probably my favorite time of ...
  4. Chi Running in the Pool - Chi Running

    5 Feb 2012 … Where do you use your Chi Running and Chi Walking focuses? ... so I have been doing quite a bit of swimming as cross training this winter.
  5. Tips for Correcting Uneven Gait - Chi Running

    26 Jan 2011 … A couple great ways to know exactly how uneven your gait is is to watch yourself running on video or check your shoe tread. Most of us ...
  6. Improve Your Walking and Running with Pelvic Rotation - Chi Running

    4 Dec 2008 …"It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing." -Duke Ellington Over the ten years of teaching Chi Running and Chi Walking and studying the ...
  7. From pigeon-toed to running excellence - Chi Running

    16 Jul 2010 … However the cold temperatures of winter did make my feet ache terribly. ... I immediately found it was easier to run, but still fell back into my ...
  8. Take the Work Out of Your Workouts - Chi Living

    14 May 2014 … Chi Running is unique to most other training programs in that we use a ... This mostly happens in the winter though, when the heat is on.
  9. Breathe Easy - Chi Running

    31 Oct 2002 … I have lots of people ask me about breathing, so I've decided to take it on for this month's article in hopes that you'll all breathe a little easier.
  10. A Small Trick to Avoiding Knee Injuries - Chi Running

    15 Dec 2014 … If you've never had any knee pains from running, you're one of the few, ... Â Coming from winter weather in Oregon, we looked forward to a nice ...
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A Chi Running Love Letter image

A Chi Running Love Letter

A message of pure gratitude as your book on Chi Running has completely changed my running experience. In only three and a half years I've gone through patellar tendonitis (in both knees), plantar fasciitis, and many other injuries I can't even describe.

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