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  3. Winter running shoes

    Any thoughts on winter running shoes. I ran last year with my ordinary everyday runner and that worked out okay for the most part. I live in ...
  4. Search results for “winter running

    Results 251 - 257 … I have a hip issue that comes and goes ever since I started running (4 .... semi-serious hip issues (right side) last winter and I went to PT for it.
  5. Keep Your Chi Flowing for Winter Health - Chi Running

    Dec 6, 2010 … Many people are interested in how Katherine and I keep healthy during the winter. We have some reliable routines and preventive measures ...
  6. Running in the cold mornings of winter is exhilarating - Chi Running

    Dec 1, 2009 … As readers, you might get bored of how ecstatic I am after running. It's not always that way, but recently, I have been truly euphoric after each ...
  7. Chi Running Tips for Treadmill Running - Chi Running

    Dec 8, 2011 … It's mid-December, and in many parts of the world, winter is already in full force. Some runners relish the challenges cold weather brings, but for ...
  8. February 2009 Blog Archive - Chi Running

    Feb 26, 2009 … New to running? Getting back to running after taking the winter off? To start running with the least risk of injury and the highest potential for ...
  9. December 2010 Blog Archive - Chi Running

    Dec 12, 2010 …Winter Running in the Snow – a few tips ... of wet snow on the ground this morning, I have to admit that I thought twice about going running …
  10. January 2012 Blog Archive - Chi Running

    Jan 20, 2012 … Working out indoors can be a great alternative to Winter running outside, but there is another option I'd like to present today, namely to add Chi ...
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A Chi Running Love Letter image

A Chi Running Love Letter

Just wanted to say that after reading Chi Running and trying it for a week, I felt like it finally "clicked", and I cannot even remember how to run the old way (which I did faithfully for over 20 years). 

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