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  1. Take Your Running to the Next Level with a Metronome - Chi Running

    Sep 13, 2012 … I can come back from 2-3 hour runs more energized than when I left. I was recently ... More thoughts on winter running. Posted by Danny Dreyer ...
  2. Four Components of Alignment for RunningTechnique Efficiency and

    Aug 26, 2010 … Alignment is a key element for running form efficiency and injury prevention. When you ... Winter Running in the Snow – a few tips. Posted by ...
  3. Alice Diffely's Blog - Chi Running

    Meet Mary, one of my Chi Running clients in Portland, Oregon. ... During the darker, colder winter months, I may still run 3-4 days in a typical week, but I ...
  4. Prevent and Heal Running Injuries with Chi Running - Chi Running

    May 25, 2006 … Many runners, after years of employing power running techniques, find themselves faced with ... The Chi Guide to Winter Running and Walking.
  5. Running a “Half” in Florida – Wind Included. - Chi Running

    Mar 3, 2010 … Â Coming from winter weather in Oregon, we looked forward to a nice change from rainy skies and cool temperatures – running a Half in the [...]
  6. App Workout #1: 1 Minute Surges - Chi Running

    Jan 21, 2014 … In this app workout you'll be running 2-minute intervals where the first ... so it doesn't matter if it's a warm spring morning or a snowy winter day.
  7. A Simple Strategy for Running Your Best Marathon - Chi Running

    Nov 2, 2008 … Your engine runs on gas, electric, or a mix- depending on the effort. You are starting the race .... Winter Running Shoe Tricks. Posted by Danny ...
  8. Using Your Upper Body When Walking - Chi Walking

    Jan 15, 2006 … ... we cannot walk or run without the upper body making a significant contribution ... Here's something fun to do to spice up your winter running.
  9. Treadmill and Chirunning

    Danny has short reference (negative) to treadmill running. But, this is winter, and I tend to run 2 times a week on treadmill and only once outside ...
  10. Training Program for a 10K Trail Race - Chi Running

    Mar 11, 2009 … In preparation for the 10K trail race I plan to run in August, I've started my race-specific training ... The Chi Guide to Winter Running and Walking.
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