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  1. a triathlete learning how to chirun

    Most of what I read recommands this type of running for triathletes. ... after injury I'm ready to spend the winter learning how to run the right way.
  2. Building Speed

    Okay, so I've been ChiRunning (and for that matter running) since July of last ... Between post-race laziness and the crazy winter weather my ...
  3. ChiLiving Forum

    Electrolyte replacements for Marathon running? Keywords found in ... Winter/snow/slush running ... Pool Running ... positive or negative impact on Chi Running?
  4. Pulled Hamstring

    ... especially in the Winter, I do worry about CHIRUNNING increasing ... I personally hate running on a treadmill—it's brutal on my knees, but I ...
  5. frozen water bottles

    For all of you running in the winter, I need to know how you keep hydrated on long runs. I like to have a sip every 10 minutes, but after an hour ...
  6. snow shoeing

    i was thinking abou training for a snow shoe race this winter. ... I don't race, I usually do a lot of speed hiking so it's pretty close to running.
  7. Trail shoes

    Joined 2005-04-02. I have used Puma Trailfox for trail runs when normal shoes haven't managed, I have also used them during winter in snow.
  8. Type of treadmill

    Often they will tell you you are running 6 miles per hour when you are ... in the winter time when it's way too cold or icey to run or walk outside.
  9. speed and racing

    After taking the winter off completely, I've been trying to get things ... I am not a running expert but have tried to pass on the results of my training ...
  10. Running shoes may not help you reduce the risk of injury..

    the end of winter. I live in Canberra, in the mountains, so its still quite chilly in the mornings when I run. Actually, as I was writing this, I was ...
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A Chi Running Love Letter image

A Chi Running Love Letter

About three weeks ago I had a very strong memory of what it felt like to run when I was 7. The freedom, the exhilaration, the laughter. What happened in the intervening 41 years? 

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