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  1. Food

    I consume this about an hour before my run, along with some water. ... find that a large glass of 2% chocolate milk is pefect in the winter months.
  2. Should we be “Running in Reverse”?

    Feb 25, 2013 … Dress Your Best: Stay Comfortable During Winter Workouts ... common styles of running: the rearfoot strike and the anterior (forefoot) strike.
  3. Keep Your Chi Flowing for Winter Health

    If you love to run, and depend on it to keep healthy, fit and maintain a positive attitude, getting injured can be devastating. If your running injury was not an ...
  4. ChiRunners in France

    I live in Paris in the fall and early winter. ... due to an injury (not running related) but should be up and running in another couple months. In the ...
  5. 10 Most-Common Mistakes in a Distance Walking Event - Chi Walking

    Oct 4, 2010 … Chi Running into Spring time with good technique ... Below are a few key points from Chi Running and Chi Walking that I use almost all the time ...
  6. Learn How to Walk for Meditation in Huffington Post - Chi Living

    Aug 24, 2012 … Working out indoors can be a great alternative to Winter running ... like to present today, namely to add Chi Walk-Run to your running regimen.
  7. Chi Walking for Rehabilitation - Chi Walking

    Nov 1, 2010 … Chi Running and Chi Walking: Techniques for Positive Change ... And it just so happens that the mid-winter months are the best time of year to ...
  8. Spinal Stenosis and Chiwalking

    But you are also a bad person if you DON'T run in winter and then give yourself a heart-attack trying to get back in shape when the ice and ...
  9. Marathon Training Group in Long Beach, CA

    s8)—> I participated in this group having never run more than 10 miles at a ... I hear that there will be winter training with the same group for the ...
  10. frozen water bottles

    For all of you running in the winter, I need to know how you keep hydrated on long runs. I like to have a sip every 10 minutes, but after an hour ...
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