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  1. 7 Ways to Get More Energy for your Spring Workouts - Pt. 3 - Chi …

    Mar 31, 2014 … Garden, dance, walk, run, clean your house, play with your kids… feel ... It's been an unusually long cold winter in VT this year and I need to get ...
  2. ChiRunners in France

    I live in Paris in the fall and early winter. ... due to an injury (not running related) but should be up and running in another couple months. In the ...
  3. Spring Training: Keep your eye on the prize - Chi Living

    Mar 20, 2014 … It is coming, Spring that is. It's been a long cold winter and, despite the gym and treadmill, it's been difficult time for most of us to run regularly.
  4. Nike Free v 7.0 An Unbiased Review

    I started chi running in November 2005 with an objective of ..... Kept things going more in the last 18 months rather than taking winter off.
  5. Spinal Stenosis and Chiwalking

    But you are also a bad person if you DON'T run in winter and then give yourself a heart-attack trying to get back in shape when the ice and ...
  6. Newbie

    ReStarting eChi Running course - changing start and end dates Running in Winter???? ›› Phone (828) 252-9828; Toll Free 1-866-327-7867 ...
  7. Shoes

    I am looking to purchase another pair of running shoes and it is ..... And few times I used normal hard soled winter shoes, which really hurt.
  8. Nike Free

    As I have posted before, I have been using the Chi Running ..... I think it would be almost impossible; New York, stones and glass, winter.
  9. ChiLiving Forum

    Chi -running with a backpack. Author: alanalanenator. 1, 472 ... Newton runningshoes. Author: aps. 10, 10647 ... Best Winter Clothing? Author: nocturnal. 1, 394.
  10. Pulled Hamstring

    ... especially in the Winter, I do worry about CHIRUNNING increasing ... I personally hate running on a treadmill—it's brutal on my knees, but I ...
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