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  1. Breathe Easy - Chi Running

    Oct 31, 2002 … Many people experience a shortness of breath while running. ... I can't wait to runthrough autumn colour and the cold frosty mornings of winter.
  2. Chi Running DVD Trailer - Chi Running

    Jun 1, 2009 … A brief, informative video on the Chi Running technique. ... The winter solstice is fast approaching. Itís the darkest time of year and the time ...
  3. The Power of Intention for Good Health - Chi Living

    Dec 6, 2010 … Your goal may be losing weight, eating well, running a half marathon with ... winter running,; weight loss,; winter health,; Healthy Movement ...
  4. Tips for Correcting Uneven Gait - Chi Running

    Jan 26, 2011 … One thing Danny usually discuses at talks and running workshops is the importance of .... Getting back to running after taking the winter off?
  5. Chi Running Recommendations for Minimal Shoes - Chi Running

    Feb 7, 2010 … In response to all the current interest in barefoot running (spurred on by Chris ... The Trek is better for Winter running and Tai Chi practice.
  6. Michelle Muldoon's Blog - Chi Running

    Dec 10, 2013 … As a Chi Running instructor I tell my students often about the lack of recovery required in general after a ... I love running in winter; I thrive on it!
  7. The ChiWalking Technique: Strengthen your Core and Relax your …

    Feb 16, 2011 … How does the Chi Walking technique differ from the Chi Running technique, ... Here's a short addendum to my last blog about winter running.
  8. Overcoming Chronic Injuries & Having Fun with ChiRunning - Chi …

    Jul 9, 2014 … The best part is, everyday my runs are getting to the point of like ... the North of Canada where in the winter I run in temperatures as cold as -50 ...
  9. Three Chi Running Tips to Avoid Injury This Spring - Chi Running

    Feb 29, 2012 … Creating a seasonal race schedule and planning your running ... If you've spent more time in your slippers than your running shoes this winter, ...
  10. The Importance of Alignment when Running - Chi Running

    Nov 23, 2009 …Running at sunrise at the Highland Lake Inn was pretty special. .... wait to runthrough autumn colour and the cold frosty mornings of winter.
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