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  1. Chi Running and Chi Walking: Techniques for Positive Change - Chi …

    Jan 6, 2008 … And it just so happens that the mid-winter months are the best time of year to plant new seeds of what you would like to create in your life.
  2. Been ChiRunning for 3 weeks, ran a marathon yesterday…

    For starters, I'm 57 and have been running for 33 years. I used to be faster, running ... I'm going to stick with it over the winter for sure. Steve ...
  3. Overtraining - Are You at Risk? - Chi Running

    Oct 17, 2008 … He was running more miles in his training while running ... Many people are interested in how Katherine and I keep healthy during the winter.
  4. pelvic stress fracture

    I have been averaging 20-25 miles per week over the winter running 4-5 days a week. Ran a half-marathon in Miami at the end of January and ...
  5. Completely Frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!

    Started running in an indoor track today got completely frustrated and decided to throw away my shoes and run .... Good luck this winter.
  6. Changing Shoes Made All The Difference

    When I first started running, the run store put me in highly structured motion ... As I was picking up my training for the fall/winter race season I ...
  7. Why am I so slow

    When I started chi running in 2006 I notice my speed start to erode. ... runningwith a full fracture but hard farm work too in the dead of winter.
  8. Treadmill Running in Aqua Socks

    I do a lot of treadmill running in the gym during the winter months and have been wanting to give this a try. I didn't think my gym (for good ...
  9. Cold weather and sore joints

    But I don't want to stop running altogether just because the cold is ... my resting days and only after running on a treadmill so far this winter.
  10. Running Form Track Workout - Chi Running

    Feb 21, 2011 … While I love these runs, I've been inspired by Danny's Boston ... trails turn from the starkness of winter into the million shades of green that pop ...
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A Chi Running Love Letter image

A Chi Running Love Letter

About three weeks ago I had a very strong memory of what it felt like to run when I was 7. The freedom, the exhilaration, the laughter. What happened in the intervening 41 years? 

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