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  1. Kevin Plenzler - Certified Instructor - Chi Living

    For a long while, I was the running equivalent of golf's “weekend hacker.” I had done my share of 5ks ... October 4, 2014 9:00 am Winter Springs, FL · Half-day ...
  2. “Pre” – Running in Famous Footsteps - Chi Running

    Oct 21, 2010 … This 10K course was one of Pre's favorite training runs so it was ... And it just so happens that the mid-winter months are the best time of year to ...
  3. ChiLiving - Chi Living

    I've often told people that I could give Imelda Marcos a run for her money. She is the wife of former ... October 4, 2014 9:00 am Winter Springs, FL · Half-day ...
  4. Been ChiRunning for 3 weeks, ran a marathon yesterday…

    For starters, I'm 57 and have been running for 33 years. I used to be faster, running ... I'm going to stick with it over the winter for sure. Steve ...
  5. Battling ITBS

    I am new to chi running, but picked it up a few weeks ago for itbs as well. Tried physical therapy, stretching, strengthening, etc all winter but still ...
  6. Winter Training

    Joined 2010-01-18. Hi , intending to run 1/2 marathon in Spring and marathon in Fall. What type of training should I be doing over winter.
  7. Speed or distance?

    Fornatually also I found an indoor track that I can run on and it has helped my chi running out alot. No trendmills for me this winter. I am not sure ...
  8. ChiRunning on ice.

    Several weeks ago while out on a longer run past the point of no return, ... -Ah, what us Minnesotans will do to keep running in the winter.
  9. Boomeritis: Avoid Injuries and Age Gracefully! - Chi Walking

    Apr 2, 2007 … Encouraged by doctors to continue to exercise three to five times a week for their health, a legion of running, swimming and biking boomers are ...
  10. Amelia Fernandez - Certified Instructor - Chi Living

    However, running supposed such an effort and so much pain in my knees, that I didn´t enjoy at all, even though I ... October 4, 2014 9:00 am Winter Springs, FL.
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A Chi Running Love Letter image

A Chi Running Love Letter

I wanted to take a minute to thank Danny and everyone involved at Chi Running. On January 1st 2010 I limped off the Buckeye Trail in NE Ohio with another pulled calf muscle, I have to admit I was done running. 

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