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  1. Prevent and Heal Running Injuries with Chi Running - Chi Running

    May 25, 2006 … Many runners, after years of employing power running techniques, find themselves ... Running in the cold mornings of winter is exhilarating.
  2. Real Fitness with ChiWalking and a Metronome - Chi Walking

    Sep 13, 2012 … So, in typical Chi Running fashion, we've decided to approach this sometimes ... Winter Running ... The winter solstice is fast approaching.
  3. ChiWalking and ChiWalk-Running through the Ages - Chi Walking

    Feb 11, 2012 … How often have you heard phrases like: I'm too old to run - I'm too old to ... turn from the starkness of winter into the million shades of green that ...
  4. From pigeon-toed to running excellence - Chi Running

    Jul 16, 2010 … However the cold temperatures of winter did make my feet ache terribly. ... I immediately found it was easier to run, but still fell back into my ...
  5. A Change of Heart - Chi Running

    Oct 10, 2012 … The higher zone seems a little fast for long runs. ... Maybe it would be good for the treadmill during winter days when it's just too miserable ...
  6. 5 Key Elements of Good Walking Technique - Chi Walking

    Mar 15, 2006 … As a distance runner and student of running technique, I have had to learn to love ... Winter Running ... The winter solstice is fast approaching.
  7. Danny's Training

    Winter Running Shoes New to Chi Running ››. Phone (828) 252-9828; Toll Free 1-866-327-7867; Fax (828) 252-9829. 30 Orchard Street
  8. Asheville Half Marathon Success with Chi Running - Chi Running

    Sep 20, 2010 … Shelly, her friend Emily and I all started running together across the start .... turn from the starkness of winter into the million shades of green that ...
  9. 7 Ways to Get More Energy for your Spring Workouts - Chi Living

    Apr 1, 2014 … At the end of your walking or running workouts you should feel ... A mini-cleanse rids your body of toxins accumulated over the Winter, and will ...
  10. Running, Walking and Prostate Cancer: A Personal Journey - Chi …

    Aug 4, 2011 … As I was running and walking, I felt the freedom and flow that goes with .... And it just so happens that the mid-winter months are the best time of ...
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