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  1. Boston Marathoner thanks Chi Running - Chi Walking

    Apr 22, 2010 … I owe it all to Chi Running and the fantastic Instructors at the Kripalu Workshop ... I had to train in the dark and ice of a New England winter and ...
  2. Nike Free

    [quote="ChuckP":1iekpadt] I can't imagine that the Frees would protect the foot in colder weather. How's running in Britain during the winter ...
  3. Recurring Calf Strain

    I've been running for many years, and in the past 6-8 years have been ... to do supplemental weight work, which a lot of people do in the winter, ...
  4. Kevin Plenzler - Certified Instructor - Chi Living

    For a long while, I was the running equivalent of golf's “weekend hacker.” I had done my share of 5ks and 10ks, but when it came to longer distances, I failed ...
  5. Foot turned out

    I have a hip issue that comes and goes ever since I started running (4 .... semi-serious hip issues (right side) last winter and I went to PT for it.
  6. Nose Breathing - No problem IN, trouble OUT

    When I used to run in high school I taught myself to breathe in through ... an unusually warm winter and spring, it's still a little chilly in mornings.
  7. Leg Length Discrepency and ChiRunning

    I'm a long time marathoner, 44 years old (been running close to 20 ..... yourself absorb the lessons from it, and I will bet that by next winter it will ...
  8. Metatarsal pain

    Newton running lab analyzed pics of my sole & said I was pushing off instead of lifting my foot. ... Just finished 6 miles in the Newtons, my longest run (end of week 4 beginners half marathon program). .... Best Winter Clothing?
  9. Winter Training

    Joined 2010-01-18. Hi , intending to run 1/2 marathon in Spring and marathon in Fall. What type of training should I be doing over winter.
  10. Any Chirunners in the Pittsburgh PA area?

    I've just begun running the "Chi Way" for the past two weeks. .... In addition to my running, I also enjoy the gym (in the winter time), and I'm on a ...
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