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  1. Chi Running Tips for Treadmill Running - Chi Running

    Dec 8, 2011 … It's mid-December, and in many parts of the world, winter is already in full force. Some runners relish the challenges cold weather brings, but for ...
  2. Does Running Cadence Change on Downhills? - Chi Running

    Jul 30, 2013 … Most of us have never been taught how to run hills, so these techniques are especially ... Chi Running winter running clothing suggestions.
  3. Chi Running Tips for Treadmill Running - Chi Running

    Feb 22, 2007 … (For more thoughts on keeping your exercise program going when it's cold and dark outside, refer to our Library article on Winter Running.) ...
  4. The quickest way to learn the midfoot strike…period! - Chi Running

    Jan 18, 2009 … Here's something fun to do to spice up your winter running. I was out running today with my daughter (who was on roller blades) when I came ...
  5. Moving Into New Mileage Horizons with ChiRunning and ChiWalking

    Aug 22, 2012 … Here's a great way to increase your walking and running mileage to new levels, with ... Chi Running winter running clothing suggestions.
  6. Gear - Blog - Chi Running

    Danny Dreyer Responds to “A Popular Myth About Running Injuries”. Posted by Danny ... Dress Your Best: Stay Comfortable During Winter Workouts. Posted by ...
  7. Running: Time on my Feet - Chi Running

    Sep 10, 2012 … We are enjoying a late summer here in London but I can't wait to run through autumn colour and the cold frosty mornings of winter.
  8. Running Injury Rehabilitation using Chi Walking - Chi Running

    Nov 1, 2010 … If your running injury was not an obvious accident, like twisting your ankle in a ditch, it is most likely your running form that is ... Winter Running.
  9. Running with a metronome can help you stay light on your feet - Chi …

    Dec 3, 2009 … Have you ever been out on a run and felt that the weight on your feet was heavier than ... Chi Running winter running clothing suggestions.
  10. Elizabeth Frost's Blog - Chi Running

    May 23, 2011 … Chi Running into Spring time with good technique. Posted by ... Running in the winter mornings: with sunlight and cold temperatures! Posted by ...
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