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  1. Why do you recommend Stroll-Smart attachments? - Chi Running

    Nov 13, 2008 … Holding onto the handle of a stroller while running can severely limit the movement of your upper body, which in turn limits the motion of your ...
  2. Top 5 Lessons I've Learned About Motherhood Through Chi Running

    Oct 17, 2012 … In my 3 years of pushing a stroller, I've learned many things and here are the top 5: 5) Breathe deep. In my running practice I have been ...
  3. ChiLiving Newsletter November 2008: Issue 2

    Sandy Bramlett, a ChiWalking Mentor, had a successful walk at a benefit 5K, which ... New to the ChiRunning Store, you'll find Stroll-Smart stroller attachments.
  4. jogging strollers - ChiLiving Forum

    any tips for running with a jogging stroller? I'm pushing a five year old and every time i run with him i feel like my movement is very limited.
  5. Running with jogging stroller - ChiLiving Forum

    I have not had the opportunity to run with a jogger (since mine are teenagers), but the principles of ChiRunning should apply: keep your stride ...
  6. New ChiRunner with a few questions - ChiLiving Forum

    3) Does anyone have any suggestions for running with a stroller? I've read some previous posts on the subject and ordered the stroll-smart ...
  7. ChiLiving Forum

    Newbie to ChiRunning need advice on jogging stroller. Author: macs3corgis1. 1, 1499. Posted: 08-11-2006 11:52 AM Author: Jacquie Mardell · Attack of the ...
  8. Too fast - ChiLiving Forum

    Just like Dr Dave (posted 4 Jan), I found that my pace too fast, and cannot last more than 30 mins (I am 52, and have been running a couple of ...
  9. Thump, thump - ChiLiving Forum

    Hi, I am hoping and praying ChiRunning can help me with my knee pain so I can run a few miles every weekday and do a longish run on the ...
  10. baby jogger - ChiLiving Forum

    when I use the baby jogger I find it more condusive to good running ... behind the stroller it restricts my upper body too much and forces me to ...
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