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  1. Why do you recommend Stroll-Smart attachments? - Chi Running

    Nov 13, 2008 … Holding onto the handle of a stroller while running can severely limit the movement of your upper body, which in turn limits the motion of your ...
  2. Top 5 Lessons I've Learned About Motherhood Through Chi Running

    Oct 17, 2012 … If I use my body to bear their weight - jutting out my hip to carry one or using my body weight or back to push the stroller - bad things happen.
  3. ChiLiving Newsletter November 2008: Issue 2

    Sandy Bramlett, a ChiWalking Mentor, had a successful walk at a benefit 5K, which ... New to the ChiRunning Store, you'll find Stroll-Smart stroller attachments.
  4. Newbie to ChiRunning need advice on jogging stroller - ChiLiving

    Hi, I am pretty new to ChiRunning. I started practicing the technique about 3 weeks ago. I just recently purchased a jogging stroller to give me a ...
  5. jogging strollers - ChiLiving Forum

    any tips for running with a jogging stroller? I'm pushing a five year old and every time i run with him i feel like my movement is very limited.
  6. anyone used the stroll-smart attachment for a … - ChiLiving Forum

    I just started running with my friends' baby, and was hoping he would ... close to Chi-running style while holding onto the stroller with one arm.
  7. Southern California - ChiLiving Forum

    I'm very interested in ChiRunning and live in San Diego. If you're interested in .... I have to be able to push the running stroller. They closed the ...
  8. stress fracture - ChiLiving Forum

    I was running about 7-10 miles a day 5-days a week, I lost 28 # and changed my ... ChiRunning focuses carefully applied will help you develop a ... Newbie to ChiRunning need advice on jogging stroller pelvic tilt question ››.
  9. Chi running moms in Berkeley CA - ChiLiving Forum

    I've been practicing Chi Running for over a year now (although I ... so scheduling can sometimes be tricky, but I do have a jogging stroller!
  10. chirunning/walking and husky racing - ChiLiving Forum

    My question is, can chirunning and chiwalking be compatible with this sport ... Do some core training by pushing something else - like stroller or ...
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