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  1. Why do you recommend Stroll-Smart attachments? - Chi Running

    Nov 13, 2008 … Holding onto the handle of a stroller while running can severely limit the movement of your upper body, which in turn limits the motion of your ...
  2. Top 5 Lessons I've Learned About Motherhood Through Chi Running

    Oct 17, 2012 … In my 3 years of pushing a stroller, I've learned many things and here are the top 5: 5) Breathe deep. In my running practice I have been ...
  3. Newbie to ChiRunning need advice on jogging stroller - ChiLiving

    Hi, I am pretty new to ChiRunning. I started practicing the technique about 3 weeks ago. I just recently purchased a jogging stroller to give me a ...
  4. ChiLiving Newsletter November 2008: Issue 2

    Sandy Bramlett, a ChiWalking Mentor, had a successful walk at a benefit 5K, which ... New to the ChiRunning Store, you'll find Stroll-Smart stroller attachments.
  5. Chi Running

    Maximize the benefits of running and greatly reduce your chances of injury. Running can be fun, especially when you learn to do it well.
  6. jogging strollers - ChiLiving Forum

    any tips for running with a jogging stroller? I'm pushing a five year old and every time i run with him i feel like my movement is very limited.
  7. anyone used the stroll-smart attachment for a … - ChiLiving Forum

    I just started running with my friends' baby, and was hoping he would ... close to Chi-running style while holding onto the stroller with one arm.
  8. Southern California - ChiLiving Forum

    I'm very interested in ChiRunning and live in San Diego. If you're interested in .... I have to be able to push the running stroller. They closed the ...
  9. Chi running moms in Berkeley CA - ChiLiving Forum

    I've been practicing Chi Running for over a year now (although I ... so scheduling can sometimes be tricky, but I do have a jogging stroller!
  10. Attack of the Bloody Nipples - ChiLiving Forum

    Chi Discussion Forum. Login · ChiRunning ... Happy running. Profile. ‹‹ over-flexing Newbie to ChiRunning need advice on jogging stroller ››.
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A Chi Running Love Letter

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