ChiRunning Workshops

Running never felt this good!

Create grace and ease in your running.

There is no better way to learn ChiRunning than from Danny or his talented team of Certified Instructors.

ChiRunning® combines the ancient wisdom of T’ai Chi with sound biomechanics to help you run the way you’re designed to: safely, easily, and efficiently for a lifetime.

Start running, train for an event, or get faster.


The Workshop Experience

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  • Enjoy a fun day that will change your running forever.


  • Get first-hand experience of good running form with easy-to-do drills and exercises


  • Personalized feedback is your gateway to great running


  • Leave pain and injuries in the dust


  • Discover easy speed as you improve your efficiency


Choose Your Focus


Strengthen you core, focus your mind, and run like the wind. Changes can happen when you include mindfulness and relaxation in your running. We call it “intelligent movement” for all of us regular folks.


Not a runner? Not a problem! The #1 fitness activity in the world has been upgraded. Breathe new life into your walking. Strengthen your core, and improve balance and mental focus. Feel the power of Chi!


The best of both worlds. Combine both techniques to help you build endurance and conditioning at your own pace. Perfect whether you’re a beginner, recovering from a setback, or wanting to add more running to your workouts.

Reach your fitness goals. Stay pain-free. Have fun!

Learn how from the experts.

Spots are Limited.

Get Real Results With Chi


“You told me last year I could go even faster. You were right! At 62 I’ve just decided to speed up.”

– Michael Bryant

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“I LOVE this technique! I took a ChiRunning day-long course in San Francisco probably more than ten years ago, and I’ve never stopped using what I learned. I never had another serious running injury again…”

– Christine Therese B.


“Your workshop triggered something inexplicable and positive in me… On December 6th, my two daughters, my wife, and I ran the Rock N’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon. Running was fun and seemed effortless.“

– Dr. Jawa

Danny Dreyer - Founder


ChiRunning founder and best-selling author, Danny Dreyer, is dedicated to changing the way you experience running. His coaching style makes running fresh and exciting, and opens your mind and body to endless possibilities and successes. Danny keeps the atmosphere lighthearted and fun while helping walkers and runners learn at their own pace.


Certified Instructors

We have over 200 Master, Senior, and Certified Instructors throughout the world. These are the most dedicate teachers you’ll ever meet. They are here to help you experience this life-changing approach to running and moving through life.

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