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ChiRunning School brings the unique experience of Danny’s workshops directly to your inbox.

Weekly video lessons target one aspect of the ChiRunning and ChiWalk-Run techniques, going deeper than ever with Danny’s most updated ideas and insights.

Take Danny on the run with you with an audio companion for each lesson. He’ll remind you, every step of the way, where to focus your mind and what to feel for in your body.

The one-two punch of the video lesson and audio companion makes your learning faster, easier and a lot more fun. By giving yourself a week to play with each lesson, you’ll experience those “Aha” moments, when you can truly say… “I’ve got this!”

This is the way Chi is meant to be practiced.


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ChiRunning School Member Benefits

Benefits Include:

  • Weekly video lessons
  • Audio downloads with each lesson
  • Monthly webinar and live Q&A with Danny
  • ChiRunning School community forum
  • Special offers and discounts


Upcoming webinar topics include:

  • 11/4/15: Cadence: From Starting to Mastery
  • 12/2/15: Creating a Mindful Workout
  • 1/6/16: The Art of Transitioning
  • 2/3/16: Mindfulnness Cross-Training
  • 3/2/16: Nutrition for Runners
  • 4/6/16: How to Run While Traveling

Upcoming Lessons include:

Move as a single unit    •    Keep your head on straight    •    Don’t use your legs    •    Two Arms! Two Arms!    •    Stay light on your feet    •    World’s largest treadmill    •    Don’t forget to breath    •    Cooperation with forces    •    Feel your core working    •    Fill your tank as you run

What People Are Saying


“After having experienced a terrible setback last summer, I never thought I could run and feel good while doing it. Today, I felt like I could’ve gone longer and there was so much joy inside of me that I literally shed tears when I finished. Thank you, from the deepest place in my heart, for allowing me to feel such immense joy while doing something that I never thought I could enjoy…boy, was I wrong.” — F. V.

“When I first started running high school cross country and track as a freshman, I had debilitating shin splints. My coach recommended that I try ChiRunning because my problems were related to my form. I haven’t had a problem with them since. When I graduated from high school I held school records in multiple distances and I was awarded Athlete of the Year. I couldn’t have done it without ChiRunning, and I highly recommend it to anyone who struggles with leg pain.” — Molly



“I have been ChiRunning for about 8 months, after not running seriously in 25 years, and it’s changed my life. I have mild cerebral palsy, so running before was a challenge as I was always getting injured. Now, I look forward to my runs, and injuries just don’t happen to me anymore. I can’t believe what I am achieving. I have achieved every distance goal I have set since using ChiRunning.” — Joe

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As a ChiRunner you experience the difference between “just running”… and running well. ChiRunning School is designed to keep you consistent with your practice so you can run your very best.

We understand: you want to improve, you want to feel confident in your ChiRunning technique, and you want to feel great, regardless of distance or speed.

The goal of the ChiRunning School is to offer you the best “running toolkit” we’ve ever offered, so that you can experience what most runners only dream about… a lifetime of joyful, powerful, injury-free running.


 You’ll not only feel the difference… you’ll own the difference!

Monthly Subscription: $9.95/month



Yearly Subscription: $99.40/year, a $20 savings.



*Terms of Service for ChiRunning® School: If you choose the monthly subscription, your credit card will be billed monthly. Once your credit card is billed, you cannot be refunded for that month. You can cancel anytime. If you choose the yearly subscription, there are no refunds if you cancel.

To cancel log into your account, go to your account page and cancel. Keep any audio companions you have downloaded. Your account will close immediately and you cannot be refunded for past payments.

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