Weight Release as a Practice

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It’s often been said that if you can consistently change a habit, you start to develop a practice. Every time we eat, we have the opportunity to change our habits and change our practice of food/energy consumption for the healthier. It’s also true that as you continue to deepen your practice, all aspects of it become more routine and more natural.

There are two major aspects to the practice of weight release. The first is that you implement good health habits so that you develop the practice which you will need throughout your journey. The other aspect is that at some point you might need to do some deeper examination into the mental and emotional aspects of how you gained the weight and how to process your feelings in a healthy way as you release it.

First, let’s focus on the health habits. In order to create the conditions that will lead you to successful weight release, you must gather your health and fitness tools and resources. This is done by eliminating foods and triggers from your home, car and office. Then create a healthy, realistic and nourishing meal plan that is workable for you. You must prepare yourself both physically and emotionally for the transformational fitness work that you will begin.

Prepare yourself emotionally for the changes that your body will experience. The space that our physical bodies take up in the world has a profound effect on our emotional body and this aspect of weight release and physical transformation should not be taken lightly. As you implement these good habits, start to restructure your lifestyle, plan and prepare your meals and your mind for weight release, something will happen … you’ll start to release weight.

The habits that you change can be the beginning to a successful weight loss journey. As weight starts to come off, you might notice something else exciting happening. As you start to feel successful in your endeavors, you’ll start to feel empowered and approach your health in a more proactive way. These are powerful feelings and should be honored. You are in a good place in your journey.

This is also a good time to consider what some of the underlying factors are that have contributed to your weight gain. Every person has personal and significant underlying reasons with any health issue. This is an important and potentially life changing aspect to your continued progress.

The examination of these underlying issues can be uncomfortable and difficult. You may find that your excitement about your program is challenged because of the difficult work that you are doing. That’s when the good habits that you have worked to develop will become an essential tool for you. Even if the work is challenging, you will have a well established routine, and consistent and structured habits to help you through the rough times. The ultimate goal is to release the weight, and to let it go for good. Acknowledging these underlying issues – while still maintaining your practice – will help set you up for greater success, not only releasing your weight but in not gaining it back. This is big, important work and we encourage you to honor your process and your journey.  


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