Win a Free Virtual Coaching Session with Danny

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Win a Free Virtual Coaching Session with Danny

Virtual Coaching is a live, interactive session with Danny done on your computer and/or phone.

When you sign up for one of Danny’s 1-day workshops, you’ll automatically be entered in a drawing to win a free, 30-minute Virtual Coaching session with Danny – a $110 value. Danny will pull the winner’s name from a hat the during the workshop.

How to use your Virtual Coaching session

There are many ways you can use your time with Danny. Here are some suggestions:

o After the workshop, practice for a week and then video yourself running.  Danny will evaluate your running technique, using the Coach’s Eye software, and give you helpful critique along with your next primary focuses.

o Get Danny’s input and advice:
      o How to get started as a beginner  
How to build mileage appropriately
      o How to increase speed
      o How to train for a specific race or event

Coming Soon
Danny can coach you anytime, anywhere you are with Virtual Coaching Sessions. Watch your emails for more information. (Make sure you are signed up for our newsletter!)

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