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It Just Gets Better

Chi Runner Continues To Deepen Her Practice And Quicken Her Pace

Posted by Alice Diffely on Wed Dec 18th, 2013, 1 comment

It Just Gets Better

This is how I'd like to feel when I'm 61.  Meet Mary, one of my ChiRunning clients in Portland, Oregon.  She's shown here with her daughter Naomi after the two of them completed the Portland Marathon together this fall.  Here's what Mary had to say after the Foot Traffic Holiday Half in North Portland last weekend: "It was my best race so far.  I felt strong, and there were many times when everything just came together - pelvic rotation, legs swinging to the rear, relaxed feet and legs, circular feet . . . .  I would feel like I was flowing over the ground practically without effort!  I had a strong finishing kick at the end, and my overall per-mile pace was over 30 seconds faster than the Flat Half on Sauvie Island that I did in July. I felt pumped and energetic afterward, and had no soreness, and still none today!   WOOHOOOOO!"  Nicely done, Mary!

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Would you share some of her details regarding training and progress and struggles. How she developed her chi focuses successes. I continue to struggle with dorsi flexing. Thanks.

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