How to Move at any Size

Posted by Nicole Darsey on Thu Jan 13th, 2011, No comments (be the first!)

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to just get started. If you are not currently practicing a workout program, have never had a workout program or are not able to remain consistent with your program, you are not alone. When we get out of the “habit” of healthy movement, it’s often difficult to find our way back.

The Chi Walking technique is a way to move your body ... at any size. Sometimes the gym can be intimidating, and the thought of trying to go out for a run might seem like a far-off, crazy dream. You can begin a Chi Walking program. All you need is the intention, a place to walk and walking shoes. The Chi Walking technique helps you learn how to connect with your body in a way that helps you learn how to connect with yourself. We’ll revisit this idea as time goes on, but for now … let’s get you moving!

The Chi Walking book, DVD and Workbook are the best places to start. The Chi Walking book outlines the philosophy, ideas and the focuses to give you the full Chi Walking program. The Chi Walking DVD helps you visually see the focuses so that you can best practice them in your own body. The Workbook is a great, efficient way for you to really build a full practice of movement. It helps you develop a steady walking practice, guided by 8 weeks of workouts, giving you the tools necessary to get moving. If reading an entire book feels too daunting, you can get started just with the DVD and Workbook.

Part of developing a health and fitness practice is doing something regularly until it becomes routine. The Chi Walking program will help you get into a routine that can help you develop a lifelong practice of healthy living.

Three reasons why The Chi Walking technique will work for you:

  • The Chi Walking technique starts with teaching you good posture. When your posture is aligned, it dramatically helps your body move with extra weight making walking easier when you’re just getting started.
  • The Chi Walking technique encourages you to focus on strengthening your core muscles, just like Pilates or yoga, but while you walk. Strong core muscles improve balance and reduce leg and knee and ankle stress.
  • The Chi Walking technique gets the chi flowing throughout your body, revitalizing your mind and body. This mind and body connection is essential for you to begin your exercise program in a healthy and sustainable way.  



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