Chi Running Survey Results

Posted by Danny Dreyer on Thu Jan 31st, 2008, No comments (be the first!)

We have the results of the Chi Running/West Virginia University Survey. Over 2500 people responded and we’re thrilled, not only with the news that Chi Running is helping so many people, but also with the great feedback that will help us improve how we we teach and share ChiRunning with others.

Survey Highlights:

  • 90% of you said you were probably or definitely able to change your running mechanics with Chi Running.
  • 60% of you said you were able to make noticeable corrections in less than a month.
  • 54% of you had an injury.
  • 88% of you with an injury said Chi Running probably or definitely helped you recover.
  • 45% of you said your perceived exertion/discomfort before Chi Running was very hard or hard.
  • Less than 5% of you said your perceived exertion/discomfort was hard or very hard after practicing Chi Running.
  • 95% of you said your ease of running has improved.

Read the full results (PDF Format)


Resources to help you master the Chi Running basics:

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A Chi Running Love Letter

A message of pure gratitude as your book on Chi Running has completely changed my running experience. In only three and a half years I've gone through patellar tendonitis (in both knees), plantar fasciitis, and many other injuries I can't even describe.

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