Danny’s Response to NY Times article “Run To Stay Young”

Posted by Anne Terese on Wed Dec 10th, 2014, 1 comments

We loved Gretchen Reynold's article in the NY Times, "Run To Stay Young"!

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Letter from Danny: Chi’s Future

Posted by Anne Terese on Tue Feb 18th, 2014, 3 comments

Letter from Danny: Chi’s Future

The new territory for Katherine and me to explore, and teach, is the body of knowledge which is ChiLiving; living a lifestyle based in mindfulness. It’s a field rich with possibilities and we’re eager to dive in. So beginning in 2015, I will not be traveling and teaching one-day Chi Running courses as I have been. Katherine and I will be expanding our joint-teaching offerings to multi-day, residence courses in which Chi Running and Chi Walking will be some of the components of living a healthy, mindful lifestyle. Additional topics will include (but are not limited to) breathing, focusing, meditation, nutrition, relationship and communication.

Since this will be my last big travel year, I heartily encourage you to attend one of my Chi Running workshops this year.

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