Jeff Carnivale, Customer Service/Shipping Manager

Born without much fanfare decades ago and given a name that every fourth male of his generation shares by his less than creative parents, Jeff grew up in drab small-town New England, artless and cold. Jeff eventually attended a small New England Liberal Arts college, that turned out not to be so liberal, or artsy for that matter.

Jeff’s life was given a fighting chance when he studied (used loosely here) abroad for a semester during his junior year. In London, he fell for a drama student, worked at a pub, traveled, gained a love and appreciation for the beautiful game, and began to shake out of the narrow mind-set of small-town New England.

After earning a degree, Jeff set out for warmer climates, spending winters in Texas, Arizona, and California. A year in Europe and the Middle East was followed by some more time in Texas and Mexico. The number of jobs by this time far out-numbered his years: housekeeper, volunteer on a Kibbutz, retail (ugh), ESL teacher, warehouse manager – a stream of work that made him a blue collar renaissance man.

Jeff has now lived in Asheville for 9 years. When he's not processing customer orders or responding to abundant emails and phone calls for Chi Living, Jeff concentrates on fitness as a personal trainer, pilates instructor, and cycling instructor. Oh, and he runs marathons, too.

To contact Jeff directly, call 828-252-9828 ext. 100 or email

Jeff Carnivale

Jeff Carnivale